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Daughters of Atlas and Pleioni, the Pleiades were born in the enchanting mountains of Ziria. According to myth, Orion fell in love with them and wanted to keep both for himself. The seven sisters sought help from Zeus, and Zeus morphed them into stars to save them. Orion hunted them through the sky ever since, but they are always ahead of him and every night the fall in the sea so they can escape ...

The Pleiadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa, consisting of 20 independent suites, ideal for moments of isolation, for families who love the outdoors and friends looking for a different proposal for the winter holidays. The wood, stone, the smell of wood from the fireplace, and breathtaking views of the mountain Ziria are just some of their characteristics. With a five star Resort services, Pleiadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa will meet the needs of most demanding guests.

Restaurant & Bar: With the chef's creative mood, you will taste not only Hellenic cuisine of unique delicacy and impeccable execution, but also dishes cooked with the demands and requirements of international cuisine with gourmet dishes, flavors and products that find every season a difference. The combination of the excellent quality of the ingredients, the local traditional products and the old Greek recipes, will awaken the memories and the taste of the traditional Sunday family gatherings.

Spa: Enjoy swimming in the pool, relax in the hammam and indulge in the unique experience of the Jacuzzi. Revive your body in the gym with exercise programs that fit your personal needs and enjoy the treatments with fine branded products in an impressive area of exceptional aesthetics for ultimate tranquility, spiritual and physical balance. And all of them overlooking the unique mythical Ziria mountain. In the Pleiadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa you will find one of the most luxurious and modern mountainous spas of Greece. The facilities, the music, the colors, the lighting, the staff, the care products, all have been chosen with care and attention, with the sole aim of letting visitors back the stress and fatigue of everyday life and discover the secrets of beauty. Finally, combine your peace of mind with sports and take advantage of the fully-equipped gym to re-find your physical form.

Trikala, Korinthia: is the largest village on the eastern side of Ziria. They are located at an altitude of 900 m, 1,000 m and 1,100 m, respectively, and are one of the oldest mountain resorts. They were built in the place of ancient Museios in the 10th century.


♦ The ski center is located at the northwest Ziria and its only 10km away from Trikala. It has a baby lift of 100mts height and a cable lift of 400mrs height. Put your skis on and enjoy the descent! At the ski center you can rent your ski boots, skis and suitable equipment required for your safety. The Ski Center's stuff will offer you everything you need. The mountain as a location is unique for walks and explorations! Ziria is all around you and waits for you to discover each part of it since most of its ground has flat walking surface. Rent a snow mobile or an ATV and find yourself at Dasios Lake or Hermes Cave.

♦ Korinthia is full and surrounded of mountains and offers you a lot of beautiful and full of excitement walks for everyone that’s keen for nature and loves to walk. One of the most magnificent walks is the path from Verveno to Flampouritsa. It begins from the 6th km of Trikala – Ziria and goes all the way down to the Flampouritsa gorge. The flora root, the magnificent habitat of the valley of Flampouritsa will capture you until you reach the meadow of the Sytha springs. Other walking options are Varveno – Hermes cave – Pouliou Ohtos, St. Vlassis monastery - Klesoura, Panagias church – Kefalari, Kefalari 0 Dasios Lake, Kefalari – Dasios Lake – Zacharias – Kleftaki, Ano Trikala – Pedikoula etc.

♦ You can enjoy the whole landscape with unique paths through the woods, with a conventional car, jeep or motorbike. On the mountain there are many forest roads, giving the opportunity to meet even the most arcane corner, with a prominent route that crosses the plateau and ends at Goura through a lush pine forest, where we often find, semi-wild horses. Driving or walking through the mountain you will find numerous secret roots which lead you from the top of the mountain to Goura through green and high firs were wild horses often appear. Visit the beautiful lake of Dasios which is located in 1600mts height west of Ziria. The size of the lake is small and is one of the most mountainous in Greece. Dasios lake is surrounded by firs and wild plants and has a small island right in the middle. The lake is unique for walking or mountain bike and visiting it will give you the pleasure of watching rare species protected by Natura 2000.

♦ Don’t forget to visit the Hermes cave which is right under the mountain of Flampouritsa at the east side of Ziria, at 1700m height. Its known for its width and the variety of natures colors. According to mythology Dasios Lake is were the Psuchropompos Hermes was born from the Maia Nymph. The descent to the cave demands special equipment.


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