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1. Please read carefully SCL’s “TRIP/CONGRESS PARTICIPATION GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS” (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") before you get registered to our organized trips, events and/or conferences. SCL FIRST EVENTS, CONGRESS & TRAVEL P.C. (hereinafter referred to as "SCL") is located in Athens (3 Proussis Str., 10440), registered in the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens under reg. number 312211, and in the General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.) under reg. number 144538001000. SCL holds a tourism agency license number (No. 0206Ε60000633301) awarded by the Hellenic National Tourism Organization (Tax id: 800902765 – A’ Athens Tax Office). SCL is an organizer and retailer of Travel Packages, Conferences, Congresses, and/or of other types of events organized together with travel packages, either as a sole and/or official organizer, or in collaboration with other tourism businesses, offices, or agents. SCL professionally organizes Travel Packages, conferences, congresses, exhibitions and/or other events, and sells, or offers for sale, Travel Packages, directly or through retailers, and/or acts as an intermediary agent amongst hotels, or other tourism businesses, offices, agents, or transportation companies, for the purpose of selling Travel Packages to travelers/customers. Additionally, SCL acts as a retailer/intermediary agent and sells, or offers for sale, Travel Packages planned by other organizers, to whom 800902765 does not have any direct or audit control.

2. The Terms have been issued in accordance with Presidential Decree 339/1996 (Government Gazette A’ 225/11.9.1996), and pursuant to EU Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990 “on package travel, package holidays and package tours,” sold, or offered for sale, within the European Union or the European Free Trade Association, except Switzerland.”

3. “Travel Package” means the pre-arranged combination of not fewer than two of the following, when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation,: (a) transport; (b) accommodation; (c) other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation, accounting for a significant proportion of the package. Travel Package is also considered the separate billing of various components of the same Travel Package, as stated above, at the same time and by the same organizer. It is not considered as “Travel Package” any single ticket sale, or any type of transportation, accommodation, tourist service, sold individually. For the purposes of these Terms, “Travel Package” includes furthermore, any package provided for the purpose of traveling and attending conferences, congresses or any similar event, when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation.



1. Any Participation in our Travel Packages, organized and carried out solely by SCL, or in cooperation with any third party (joint venture), such as tour organizers, travel agents, airlines, cruise companies, hotels, etc.), or planned and organized by other organizers, and sold, or offered for sale, by SCL, as a retailer:
(a) depends upon you prior acceptance of the Terms, which form an integral part of the "Participation Information and Special Terms & Conditions" [see below, subparagraph (b)], provide general information for your participation in our Travel Packages and govern the rights and obligations between you and SCL, and
(b) requires a thorough study and acceptance of the "Participation Information and Special Terms & Conditions" of each and every Travel Package (hereinafter for brevity referred to as the "Special Terms"), set out in our website ( or on any other (electronic, or printed, or other durable medium) material of SCL.

2. Each Travel Package has a specific deadline for participation, which refers in its Special Terms. This period is related with SCL’s time constraints corresponding to airlines, hotels, consulates for visa issuance, and other entities that are required in order to ensure our proper provision of services. Your participation in any Travel Package constitutes an agreement between you and SCL; it also includes your family and/or group that you may represent or sponsor, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Participation statements begin immediately after the issuance and publication of the Travel Package Special Terms. If you are interested in one of our Travel Packages, we recommend you to register the earliest possible, in order to reserve your participation.

3. “Statement of Participation:” You may participate in our Travel Packages if you are over eighteen (18) years old, or accompanied by an adult, provided that there are available places left. Your participation is valid after you have:
(a) fully completed the registration application form,
(b) made the down-payment specified in the Special Terms of the Travel Package, and
(c) have received the relevant invoice from SCL.
Your application for participation may be delivered either in our offices, or by mail, via fax, telephone call or e-mail. Down-payment or full payment for the Package shall be in cash, or by credit card, or bank transfer to SCL. Completion of the above three (3) conditions means that you have explicitly and unconditionally agreed and accepted these Terms and the Special Terms of the Travel Package.

4. A “Statement of Participation” is considered valid, when the specific Travel Package is indicated in the invoice received, along with the dates of departure and arrival and/or any other distinguishing data. Non-timely payment of the Travel Package total price, entitles SCL to cancel the reservation and require cancellation fees, pursuant to these Terms and the Special Terms of the Package.

5. If you represent your family and/or your group, as a sole contractual party with SCL, you are obligated to inform all your principals (travelers) for the details of the Terms and the Travel Package Special Terms. All Participants represented and registered for participation by a third-party (i.e., you) bear the same obligations and responsibilities with him/her. SCL may provide those participants any relevant information requested.

6. Prior to your departure, you will receive information leaflets with all the details of your flights, itineraries, accommodation, etc. In case of late payments or repayments, it is likely to take delivery of the relevant material at the airport of departure, from Greece. Please note the time and place of gathering in the specific airport. The hours mentioned in our information materials are shown on 24-hour time basis (i.e. 16:00, instead of 4 pm).


1. The value of a Travel Package (hereinafter referred to as the "Offered Price") is indicated in the Travel Package Special Terms. All statutory charges (fees-taxes, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, gratuities, visas, etc.) normally included in the price, are indicated in the Special Terms, unless otherwise specified. The Offered Price is estimated upon the issuance date of the Special Terms, based on the cost of the Travel Package services, the applicable tariffs, taxes, and other insurance costs, the Euro exchange-rates, and any other relevant factors and effects. SCL reserves the right to adjust the Offered Price, when the above cost factors and effects change. Thus, the Offered Price may be subject to changes twenty (20) days prior to the date of departure and/or opening of the event due to unforeseen price increases in tariffs, foreign-exchange, fuel, etc. In case of significant price increase due to the above factors, you have the right to cancel your participation and we will refund your money, or to be offered another Travel Package of equal or higher Offered Price. If the Travel Package offered is of lower Offered Price, you will be refunded the difference. It is your obligation to report your decision to SCL within a reasonable time, not later to three (3) days from the time you had been notified of the Offered Price increase, or else SCL may cancel your participation and refund your money, without any further obligation. The surcharges usually involve third party fees (airport taxes, ports, fuel surcharges, foreign-exchange discrepancies, etc.). Prices of Travel Packages are issued on “one person” basis, and cover the services mentioned in the Special Terms.

2. An Offered Price may be sometimes reduced for the purposes of increasing the number of participants required for the Travel Package completion. Any disposal of available places offered on sale for the Travel Package completion, does not entitle you to call for similar discount or call off your participation without paying the cancellation charges due. SCL is also entitled, for a certain period of time or for a limited number of available places, to sell the Travel Package at a more favorable Offered Price with special cancellation terms and conditions.


1. SCL is obliged to plan and execute the Travel Package in the best way possible. SCL is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions of third parties, and for emergency situations, such as cancellations, delays or itinerary changes (planes, ships, buses, trains, etc.,) due to exclusions of certain areas ("embargos") caused by terrorism, strikes or other causes. During Christmas, New Year, Carnival and Easter tours, visits to museums and archaeological sites may not take place or, otherwise, may be made on a different day. The price does not include entrance fees to museums, archaeological sites or similar places, unless otherwise mentioned in the Special Terms of the Travel Package. In case of delays, any scheduled tour is transferred to the next day, and, if this is not possible, costs are refunded. Please note that SCL is unable to predict or control circumstances which are out of Her sphere of influence and may lead to the cancellation of the Travel Package or damages due to non-performance or improper performance of the agreed services. Typical examples of such cases are strikes, accidents, diseases, epidemies, organic disorders due to local conditions, altitude, climate changes, meals which are not included in the Travel Package programme, or due to inadequate sanitation caused by exogenous factors, injuries or hardships of war, coups, terrorism, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fire, toxic contamination and any other emergency or force majeure. In those cases, SCL is not liable for compensation for any damage caused. However, SCL will make any possible effort to support you and take care of you in any way, notwithstanding any responsibility or liability coverage of the related discretionary expenses, which must be covered by you.

2. If, after your departure, SCL is unable, to continue the provision of a significant proportion of the services mentioned in the Special Terms due to force majeure as described above, She shall make the appropriate arrangements to enable the completion of the Travel Package. If these arrangements are not possible, SCL is solely responsible to return you back to the place of your departure or at any other returning point initially agreed. Reasonable complaints during your Travel Package shall be reported immediately in writing and on-site to the group leader (or, otherwise, to SCL), or the provider of the services due. The group leader writes his comments in the same form as well. If the problem noted cannot be solved on-site, you shall submit in writing any relevant complaint within fifteen (15) working days to SCL along with any documents or other evidence, after you return from your trip. SCL has no obligation to reply to any request made after the lapse of the 15 days deadline.

3. A minimum number of participants might be required for the accomplishment of the Travel Package; the Travel Package minimum number of participants is stated in its Special Terms. If this minimum number is not reached, SCL reserves the right to cancel the Travel Package and is obligated to inform you in writing within the dates due specified in the Travel Package Special Terms, and refund your money paid till the time of cancellation.

4. Provision of services not specified in the Special Terms, or listed as optional, are not offered at all, or are available at an extra charge. However, those optional provisions of services (local excursions, evening events, entrance fees to museums, etc. ), are not mandatory neither for you, nor for SCL, and shall only be offered if only a minimum number of participants is reached, provided that the total expenses are prepaid. SCL is not responsible for the abovementioned services when not organized or carried out by Her.


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1. The customer is registered for participation under his personal data (name, surname, etc.) forwarded to SCL by him or by a travel agent acting on his behalf. Please check your passport data, as SCL bears no responsibility in case of any errors on the ticket and on other reservation details. Cancellation fees may be charged in case of a ticket cancellation due to a mistaken name ticket issuance. A clear photocopy of the passport shall be faxed or e-mailed to SCL in order to make any reservations otherwise we won’t be able to proceed with any bookings or visa issuances.

2. Many individuals usually participate in an organized trip (Travel Package). Thus, proper social behavior and understanding towards other travelers and our group leaders is required. For this reason, you are obliged to comply with the trip programme and group leaders’ recommendations. It is also necessary to be timely on-site in order to join the various services an benefits of the programme, such as flights, transfers, tours, trips, meals, etc. Any delay, and/or negligence, may result in the loss of flight, tour, transportation or other services, without any right to refund. In this case, you will need to reconnect with the group at your own responsibility and expenses. However, SCL will make every effort possible to assist you in this. In airports, harbors and seaports, you shall be on site at least two (2) hours prior to your departure. If no group leader is provided with the Travel Package, you shall confirm your next flights with the airline in situ and make sure of which airport and terminal, and what time, your flight departs. If you are coming from a different place (of the official departure point of the Travel Package programme), you shall arrive earlier -preferably the day before- at the departure point, so as not to be prevented or affected of any delays or strikes of the local means of transportation, otherwise you might miss the whole Travel Package, if unable to reconnect with the group. In such a case, you are not entitled to any refunds and you will bear the costs for reconnecting with the group. However, SCL will make every effort to assist you in this. If you accompany children, you are liable for their actions and you shall closely superintend them throughout the whole trip (Travel Package) for their safety and attitude.

3. If you abort or discontinue your Travel Package by own judgment, and be separated from your group even for reasons of force majeure, you are not entitled to any further service or compensation, and you bear the expenses of any transportation off the group. Similarly, SCL is not responsible for any of the Travel Package services that were not provided due to your own negligence, irresponsibility, or sickness.

4. SCL is not responsible to pay your personal bills, therefore, please, ensure the timely payment of any personal accounts (phone calls, drinks, etc.) before leaving your hotel room.

5. If you are unable to participate in your Travel Package, you may assign your bookings and reservations to another person not later than five (5) working days prior to your departure, while, specifically for shipping transportation, ten (10) working days prior to your departure. In case of any outstanding balance or any additional costs due to your Travel Package transfer (ie. the new client is a person of opposite sex), the transferor and transferee are jointly liable toward SCL for any expenses and payments. Especially, you shall be aware that, in the case of scheduled air carriers, it is not possible to change the name of the passenger, but only cancel the existing booking and book a new ticket in the name of the transferee. SCL will make every effort possible to find a new ticket. However, SCL is not liable if a new ticket is not available. Any (mandatory) cancellation of tickets shall be made on the grounds of these Terms.


1. AIR TRANSPORTS: Travel Package air transportation is conducted via economy class tickets on group fare basis; it also requires a certain minimum number of travelers (which varies depending on the trip), and is subject to restrictions and stopovers. Airline seat class reservations for individual travelers (FITs), is booked according to the preference of FIT travelers. Please be informed that:
♦ Airlines have the right to modify the itineraries and aircraft types without warning,
♦ Airlines have the sole control and responsibility for their itineraries
♦ In case of overbooking it is likely that, even in case of an existing confirmed seat, the airline may deny boarding to the aircraft for any reason,
♦ Airlines sometimes charter air-flights of other airlines. This case is not an excuse or reason for cancellation of the Travel Package by the customer.
♦ Flight schedule changes and changes of aircraft types can be made by an airline at any time for operation reasons. However, SCL can not control or manage such modifications.
♦ Please also note that any modification or cancellation after your ticket booking bears cancellation fees.
Σε όλες τις παραπάνω περιπτώσεις, η SCL δεν μπορεί να επέμβει στην αεροπορική εταιρία και κατά συνέπεια, ουδεμία ευθύνη φέρει σχετικώς. Σημειώνεται ότι οποιαδήποτε τροποποίηση η ακύρωση ζητηθεί μετά την έκδοση του εισιτηρίου, έχει ακυρωτικά.

♦ All information concerning the categories or classification of accommodation (hotels, etc.) listed in Travel Packages, comply with the applicable laws of each country (which may vary). There is no international classification of hotels.
♦ The selection of hotels is made in accordance with location and services criteria, in conjunction with the best price offered according to their category, as indicated in the Special Terms of each Travel Package.
♦ Most hotel rooms accommodate two beds or one king size bed.
♦ Triple rooms are, in essence, double rooms with an extra bed provided. Those rooms are not typically very comfortable and the extra bed can be smaller than a normal or sofa bed. If you choose to stay in a triple room, you shall be aware that there might be a small, or no, discount. For your convenience, some hotels may place a fourth bed, but the room place will be, obviously, quite limited.
♦ By virtue of prohibitions of the Law and the circulars of the National Medicines Agency and the Code of Ethics of the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, or due to special discount rates offered, prominent rooms (suites etc.) are not usually booked in regard to medical conferences/congresses and/or various Travel Packages.
♦  Room check-in is usually made between 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.; room check out, at 10:00 to 11:00 (on the day of departure). If you wish to check-in earlier, or check-out later, SCL will make any effort possible to arrange it, and if, in such case, there are available rooms, you might have to pay extra fees.
♦ Hotels offer kennels of valuables and personal documents. If this service is not used, you are solely responsible for any loss of documents, passports, tickets, valuables etc.
♦ If you are under any special medication, please make sure to purchase medicines from the origin of your departure.
♦ Drinks, unless expressly stated, are not included in half-board or full-board prices.
♦ If you are a Free Independent Traveler (FIT), the hotel has the right to cancel your booking in case of late arrival. Therefore, you shall notify the hotel and/or SCL in such case.
♦ If hotel rooms are overbooked, SCL will make every effort possible to settle such issues, save that applicable laws of the host country permit it.

3. SHIPS: Ship cabins are generally smaller than hotel rooms and are divided into external (window or porthole) and internal (without external contact). Cabins might be of "bunk" type, with upper and lower beds. Classification of cabins (lux, superior, etc.) is at the discretion of the shipping companies. You shall be aware that, when traveling by coach (busses), seats cannot be changed during the tour or journey.

4. CHARGES APPLYING TO CHILDREN: Children charges (for ages 2-12 years and only when two adults pay for the same room or cabin) may vary in each case; that is, an offer of free accommodation without food, or a small discount, etc. As of charter flights, all passengers (children included) pay regular ticket prices.


1. PASSPORTS / VISAS: a new passport is generally required for all trips abroad, which must have been issued from 2006 onwards. The Schengen area countries accept recent identification cards, showing picture and owner information with Latin characters. SCL recommends that your passport shall be valid until a reasonable -extended- time after the scheduled date of your return. Caution: Some countries require that your passport is valid until, at least, 3, 6 or 12 months after the time of your arrival; ie. Arab countries require that passports expire after 6 months. Specific information for each trip is provided in the Special Terms of the Travel Package. SCL furnishes all necessary information concerning your passports and other travel documents required for each Travel Package and destination. Special attention is required as of the travel documents of minors, who must hold a passport. Nationals of other countries but Greece, who hold a foreign passport and/or residence and work permits in force, must (i) inform in writing SCL, (ii) address themselves to the consular authorities of their country, as well as (iii) to the consular authorities of the countries to be visited, to confirm whether visa is required or any other documents for the countries from where they are to pass, or to where they travel, and for their re-entry in Greece, or the country where they departed.

2. HEALTH ISSUES: SCL provides all information regarding any necessary vaccinations or other medical precautions for tropical areas or other epidemics via the official link of World Health Organization. However, due to medical personal data law provisions, you are solely responsible to ask the competent local health authorities for any such issues. Caution:
♦ Many trips involve exceptional or different conditions for travelers, especially when traveling in areas with extreme temperature conditions (cold or heat), or in tropical areas, or more morbid countries, including Africa, Asia, South America etc.
♦ Customers, and especially elderly travelers, persons with health problems (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, allergies) or mobility issues, and pregnant women shall consult their doctor and inform SCL, as well as to provide a medical certificate, which may be required by carriers and/or other service providers. Otherwise, should themselves take such responsibility signing a written solemn statement.
♦ Good health and physical condition might be required in order to participate in some activities included in our Travel Packages (ie. outdoor activities). In such cases, you shall provide us a medical certificate, solemn statement, or waiver, stating that you are able to carry out safely those activities.
♦ Please also note that it is salutary to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B type.

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1. Any cancellations shall only be addressed in writing to SCL regardless of the reservation date, and are subject to the following cancellation fees per person, depending on the time at which the cancellation was made:
♦ 21 days prior to departure, handling fees (per person): € 50 for Travel Packages in Greece, and € 80 for Travel Packages abroad
♦ 20 to 14 days prior to departure: 60 % of the Travel Package total value
♦ 13 to 7 days prior to departure: 80 % of the Travel Package total value
♦ 6 days prior to departure and until the departure (non show): 100 % of the Travel Package total value
♦ Different cancellation terms apply for cruise Travel Packages, in accordance with the contract terms of each cruise operator
♦ Different cancellation terms apply for personal, FIT trips, and travel clubs, schools, companies, incentive travel, conferences etc., according to the terms & conditions of each airline and the cancellation policy of each hotel, that will apply for specific trips. Charges are made regardless of the registration time or the respective amounts paid by customers.
♦ If one of the two travelers, who have arranged to stay in a double room, cancels his/her participation, the other traveler will pay the difference, as he/her will, compulsorily, stay in a single room (as long as the cancellation fees are not equal to 100% of the total value).

2. Schedules referred to a reservation cancellation period and the percentage of money to be refunded are mentioned in the terms & conditions of each organizer, and always prevail to SCL’s terms & conditions.

3. The above mentioned time periods might be longer and the retention rates might be higher, as explicitly noted in the Travel Package Special Terms, concerning particular departures, festive seasons, periods of exhibitions, sporting or artistic events, conferences, chartered cruises or trips. Charges are imposed regardless of the registration time or the amount paid.


1. Luggage is delivered to the carrier, and is claimed by the owner (traveler), whether or not representatives of SCL accompany the groups. In case of damage or loss, IATA regulations and international treaties apply for each means of transportation and hotels; in such cases, liability is limited according to the treaties in force. SCL has no responsibility regarding the luggage and its contents.

2. Every traveler is allowed to carry one suitcase and one carry-on luggage when traveling with certain means of transportation (ie. busses). As regards air carriers, the luggage weight shall not usually exceed 20 kg (for economy class). If additional costs are applied because of a heavier baggage, the customer bears those extra costs, paid on the spot. Also be aware that most airlines allow in the passengers cabin one small (approximately 50x40x25) baggage and the transport of liquids, weighing up to 100 grams, in a transparent 20x20 cm plastic bag [liquids shall not, cumulatively, exceed one (1) liter]. You are cautioned not to place any money, valuable items or important documents in your luggage, because the carriers compensate on a baggage weight basis, regardless of its content (as if it contained “used garment”). If you carry valuables with you, please safe-keep them in the hotel, ship, etc. Compensation never covers their real value.

3. If you have a credit card, it is good to be aware if your bank grants you any insurance, which can be helpful in cases of accidents, thefts, delays, etc., provided that the costs of transportation or accommodation were paid with your credit card. In this case the bank may compensate you for any personal accident during the trip, replace items that were purchased by credit card, if lost, cover expenses you may incur due to a delayed flight etc.


1. We recommend you to constantly watch over your baggage, cameras, phones and other personal items in any areas of hotels, ships and other means of transportation or accommodation.

2. SCL has a professional indemnity insurance contract for potential liability to its customers resulting from any failure or improper performance of the Travel Package. It also covers the case of insolvency, repayment obligation and repatriation of Her customers. The number of the contract and the details of the insurance agency are available to our customers upon demand.

3. SCL highly recommends her customers to issue additional travel insurance, as well as the "European Health Insurance Card."


1. Information, conditions, provisions and recommendations contained in the Terms have been reviewed for validity and accuracy at the time drawn; the above apply unless otherwise stated in the Special Conditions of each package. Printed programs, information and special terms are valid for the period stated therein and may be subject to modifications, due to the frequent changes of the conditions worldwide, and particularly as regards transportation and international relations..

2. Any specific desires, needs or demands of the customer regarding the Travel Package shall be explicitly included in the Terms.

3. SCL and the customer are committed to resolve any dispute arising from the Terms and the Special Terms in good faith. Any dispute arising in connection with the Terms and the Special Terms shall be governed exclusively by Greek law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Athens, Greece. Any provision of these terms contrary to the law, ceases to apply without affecting, in any way, the validity of the remaining terms.

4. Your participation in any of our Travel Packages depends upon the full acceptance of these Terms and the Specific Terms.


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